Better. Together.


Sitka Community Hospital
Sitka, Alaska

Sitka Community Hospital (SCH) is a critical access hospital that has been providing health care services to the community of Sitka, Alaska for more than fifty years. The hospital’s vision is “to be an integral part of the community where all individuals reach their highest potential for health.”

For the 9,000 residents of this remote island community in southeast Alaska, access to health care is an important part of rural living. Travel on and off the island is limited to air or boat and is both expensive and time consuming. Sitka Community Hospital strives to provide the community with a variety of services to enable residents to stay in Sitka for their health care including acute care (12 beds), home health care, rehabilitation services, long term care (15 beds), an outpatient clinic, diabetes education, surgical services, imaging services including CT and mammography, obstetrics, and visiting specialists. Sitka Community Hospital also has a very active employee wellness team that encourages our staff to lead by example.

As a community hospital, we provide healthcare services to all persons, regardless of socio-economic status or ability to pay. Having a strong healthcare system that is available to everyone is an integral part of the community’s overall quality of life.

An important event for SCH is our annual Hope Floats Cruise and Dessert Extravaganza fundraiser held each October in an effort to raise breast cancer awareness. With a catamaran cruise donated by Allen Marine Tours and involvement from the Allen family, this event raises approximately $10,000 annually and is divided between SCH’s breast health scholarship fund and our local Sitka Cancer Survivor’s Society to provide $500 mini-grants for residents battling cancer.

Sitka Community Hospital is proud to be a co-founder and sponsor of the Sitka Health Summit, which was created to build bridges of collaboration between health care and community leaders. Now in its sixth year, the Sitka Health Summit is a partnership of local health organizations, businesses, and governments with a vision “to serve our great state as a model for community wellness by creating a healthy community where Sitkans strive for and enjoy a high quality of life.” Annually recognizing community wellness champions and hosting a community planning session, the Health Summit provides a unifying health message around prevention. And this group is serious about living a healthy, quality life! Successful community projects generated at the planning session include: planting 100 fruit trees, a Choose Respect Mural at the middle school, community composting, Bicycle Friendly Community status (the first in Alaska!), creating the Sitka Local Foods Network including the Sitka Farmer’s Market, and the Fish to Schools program that provides local fish for lunch to Sitka students. With a clear vision and hard work, the Sitka Health Summit has proven that we can work together to bring our projects to fruition.